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Hypervigilance. Feeling anxious and worrying about the present and future.

Constantly struggling with mistrust of others, or yourself. Scared to try new things or venture out your front door at times. Feeling uncomfortable in social settings and struggling to stay present or grounded. Feeling like you need to run away or isolate yourself.  

Replaying negative past scenes or thoughts that produce feelings of shame or guilt. Regret for decisions or actions made in the past or not made that lead to situations out of your control, yet you wonder if it was in your control? 

You may have thought things like this before…

“Why did this happen to me?”

“I should of known better or done it differently..”

“Why won’t these thoughts stop?!”

These thoughts and memories all mixed up with sadness and feeling stuck in your ability to move forward with your life, unencumbered. 

Pushing through your day, barely able to make it to the end without having at least one reminder of your past trauma. You may be struggling to manage these emotions or thoughts and know how to move forward in your life past a particular event or experience.

You may start to think you are the problem, and not understand how you can heal. If you’ve been experiencing these thoughts and feelings, you may be struggling with post-traumatic stress symptoms.

Image by Wes Hicks

Trauma has definitive impacts on the body and brain.

Trauma can shape behaviors that can become maladaptive habits that may have served you at one point, but may now be a problem in your life. 

The mental and physical impacts of trauma, left untreated, can have deep negative impacts on your mental and physical well-being. Trauma can stunt your growth and limit your potential. 

But there is hope for healing!

Through talking about and processing your past experiences, you are able to let go and move forward in your life. 

Having a trained professional witness your experience can be exactly what you need to be able to release the burden you have been carrying around with you. You can truly feel able to move forward in your healing through letting go of your silence and using your voice. 

Healing from trauma can feel like dropping tons of weight you had been carrying around.

You can feel an amazing new freedom. 

Your outlook on the world can change, whereas before you saw only fear and mistrust, now you may feel more comfortable being an active participant in your life instead of watching it pass by. 

You will be better able to manage any negative thoughts or memories. 

Armed with new skills, you will feel better able to take on any triggers that come your way!

You will be able to focus on your life in the here and now and feel reassured of your future and what may come. 

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Our clients have reported growth in all ways: emotional, spiritual, and physical.

We have the expertise to help you release your traumas and learn ways to change thinking patterns, manage emotions in a healthy way, and feel more relaxed in your mind and body. 

We understand it can be a risk to reach out to a therapist and trust a stranger, when you’ve been possibly hurt by those who were supposed to love you.

At our practice, we are here to help and guide you through this journey of healing and restoration. 

We look forward to walking by your side as you start this journey of healing. 

Click below to schedule a consultation or call us now at 949.329.5233. 


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