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Natural Stream


Disconnected. Lost.

You are floating from movement to moment, never really catching one, but watching them pass by. As if you are watching a movie of your life, rather than being actively in it.  

Feeling numb. 

Struggling to stop and process what is happening in your life.  Never really feeling your emotions or recognizing you are having emotions. Feeling like you need to bury your emotions to get through the next moment, next minute, next second. 

You may have told yourself things like this before…

“I’m too busy to think about this now…”

“I can wait until later to deal with this.” 

“What did I do last week?” 

You are disassociated from your body, mind, and soul.

You feel burnt out in more ways than one and do not know how to come back to life and feel present in it. Perhaps your relationships are hurting because of this, perhaps your children or partner feel you are not really “there” with them. 

If left to continue this way, you may risk losing your loved ones. You may risk losing yourself even. 


You may work to begin this process of reconnection with self and your world around you, by working with a therapist that implements mindfulness therapeutic interventions. 

Mindfulness has been demonstrated to have high efficacy in reducing anxiety and depression symptom severity in a broad range of treatment-seeking individuals. Mindfulness can include the incorporation of meditation practices, targeting body, mind, and soul to help ground you to the present moment.

Meditating in Nature

Mindfulness has the ability to offer the following:

  • Mindfulness practices help you to see more clearly the patterns of the mind; and to learn how to recognize when your mood is beginning to go down. This means you can ‘nip it in the bud” much earlier than before.

  • Mindfulness can help you interrupt the automatic connection of negative mood, negative thinking and bodily sensations such as fatigue and “sluggishness” that often link, trigger or reactivate a downward mood spiral.

  • Mindfulness allows you to “shift gears” from a mode of mind dominated by critical and judgmental thinking (likely to provoke and accelerate downward mood spirals) to another mode of mind in which you experience the world directly, non-conceptually and non-judgmentally.

  • Mindfulness offers access to another approach to dealing with difficult emotions and moods.

  • Through mindfulness, you can discover that difficult and unwanted thoughts and feelings can be held in awareness, and seen from an altogether different perspective – a perspective that brings with it a sense of warmth and compassion to the suffering you are experiencing.

  • Mindfulness can help you learn how to be present and appreciate the simple pleasures of everyday life, connect with yourself, and the experience of being alive.

Clifftop Yoga


Through the practice of mindfulness, you can learn to be more present in your life. You are able to become more grounded and feel good within yourself at every moment. 

You will become more open to what is happening in your life, being more available to your loved ones and yourself. 

You will find out it can be to live every moment with intention. Being clear on your goals and feeling in time with your life, instead of watching it pass by. 

You will feel connected with life in a whole new way.

At Grounded Connections Counseling Inc., all our therapists can implement mindfulness techniques to help you reach new levels of groundedness and connection in your life. 

Our practice was built on the philosophy that we must think holistically, looking at not only the mind, but body, heart, and soul. Healing can start at any one of those places and we believe utilizing mindfulness can help you achieve growth and healing by helping connect with those parts of yourself. 

We know it can be hard to reach out.

Perhaps you fear what it would mean to feel connected to all those emotions you may have been burning or avoiding. But, in order for a seed to bloom, it must push its way up through layers of earth to reach the sun. Only after its work to push itself up, can the flower grow to be its best self.

You can do this for yourself by stopping to recognize, maybe it is time to reach out for help. 

We are here to guide you and strengthen your own resourcefulness. Reach out today so that we can help you reach a new level of mindful living. 

Click below to schedule a consultation or call us now at 949.329.5233. 

Stretching on a Cliff


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