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Struggling to find affirmative care for your gender transition or exploration?  

We understand the search to find affirmative care for the transgender and gender non-confirming community can be very difficult, invalidating, and at times harmful. 

You are ready to explore your gender identity, but are unsure where to go or how to even begin that process. 

You want to be your authentic self and talk through these thoughts of gender roles, family expectations, and values. 

You want to transition to the opposite gender, but are scared of starting that process alone and need to help you get ready to socially transition and process the emotional toll this could take. 

You feel you need support to navigate conversations with family, partners, friends, co-workers, and peers. 

You may need letters for hormone therapy or gender affirmation surgery for your medical transition. 

Having the right therapists is vital to helping you work through your struggles without further causing you harm. 

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At Grounded Connections Counseling, Inc., our therapists are trained in working with the gender diverse community. We strive to provide ethical, quality care to gender non-conforming and transgender identified individuals. 

Our therapists can help assist you as you explore your gender identity with non-binary labels. Our goal is to help people of various gender diverse or queer backgrounds with an inclusive and affirmative approach. We help clients who wish to transition medically, by providing hormone readiness evaluations and completing insurance referral letters for gender affirmation surgery.

Common struggles in this area we can help in include:

  • Exploring your own gender identity 

  • Navigating conversations to loved ones 

  • Providing letters for hormone therapy or gender affirmation surgery (if appropriate)

  • Processing social, political, and emotional components of transitioning publicly 

  • Couples issues related to transitioning

  • Processing shifts in family dynamics 

It's time for your transformation. 

If you feel ready to take on this first step and allow yourself a space to explore yourself openly with an affirmative trained professional, then reach out today. 

We are here to support you on your journey to establishing your more authentic self. 

Click below to schedule a free 15 minute consultation or call us now at 949.329.5233.


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