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Misunderstood. Isolated in your experience, like no one gets it.

Gaslit by those around you. Am I overreacting? 

There are constant barriers and challenges you have to overcome to reach any level of success, yet never feeling satisfied or like you have truly earned that success. 

Others are constantly scrutinizing you and your actions. 

Feeling pressure to perform “perfectly”, feeling no room for error. Yet people still turn blind to the work you put in…

A constant pressure on your back weighing you down and increasing your stress and impacting your mental wellbeing. 

You may have had thoughts like: 

“I can’t mess up or I’ll get fired” 

“Why do I feel this way? Am I overreacting?” 

“Why can’t this just be easy? That person seemed to have no problem.” 

If you are constantly facing aggressions every day, it starts to seem like there is a problem with “you”, versus a societal issue faced by many in our community. 

It becomes incredibly hard to live with these societal discriminations and feel isolated and alone in your experience. 

You know your feelings are valid, yet you get told otherwise by society. But, what’s at stake here is your well being. 

If you allow those negative thoughts to build up about you, your self esteem will plummet, and you will doubt yourself at every step of the way.

But things don’t have to be this way!

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And the truth is that as BIPOC people, we often face challenges others may not see or understand by the majority of people. 

Through therapy with BIPOC aligned therapists, you will be seen. Your experiences will be seen and understood by someone who knows what its like. 

You can truly heal and feel real empowerment and optimism when you work with the right therapist. 

Get to the root cause and HEAL.

Therapy with a BIPOC-aligned therapist can help you achieve a new state of being. 

We can break apart toxic ways of thinking and start to tell new stories that will help you for the rest of your life.

And by being mindful, you can reduce the stress, increase your relaxation so you don’t need to be on edge all the time.

Our clients who go through therapy feel RENEWED, feel like they finally know themselves and are ready to embrace life. 

Release your past traumas and no longer feel stuck in your life!

The path forward feels amazing!

You will soon be able to wake up every day feeling reassured in your purpose and present in your life, feeling empowered to take on the day.

Your stress will become more manageable and you will feel connected to the world around you. 

You will no longer focus on your challenges, but spend time enjoying and honoring your achievements. 

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Finding the right guides…

Our practice has helped many BIPOC clients achieve a new level of experiencing life.

We would be honored to help you reach a new level of functioning that will transform your experience of life. 

We understand it can be a risk to reach out to a therapist who might invalidate you, perhaps you have had these experiences before?

But, at our practice, we recognize the risk you are taking and we are here to take your hand and guide you through this journey of healing. 

We look forward to supporting you in your healing and can not wait to help you start your therapeutic journey of self growth!

Click below to schedule a consultation or call us now at 949.329.5233.


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