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Dedicated To Your Growth

I am dedicated to watching you grow in therapy and helping you overcome those challenges. Life may have challenges and you might want to hide away but I’m here to help see you grow and become your true self.


When I was young, I struggled with self-identity and had challenges feeling understood by my peers. I faced body image issues and feelings of being excluded because I am an athlete. I grew up in a traditionally, Baptist (Christian) home and always felt the need for inclusivity to be more important than ancient values. I battled church trauma and self-identity, being the child of a preacher. I know what it is like to have societal expectations of my character. As I have grown, I have faced conflicting emotions because of challenges with different life transitions. 

I got into therapy because I feel passionate for those that struggle with life’s transitions and are anxious about their purposes. I want to guide others to see that they are good enough and necessary. I want to support others that may be facing self-identity issues, experiencing mental distress as a result of internal doubt, societal pressures, social injustices, anxiety, childhood trauma, changes in performance, or challenges with phase of life. 

As a person, a black woman, a therapist, an athlete, a wife, and a mother, I got into therapy to serve my community. In the black community, these are common areas that have been generationally passed and rarely approached with therapeutic intervention. I want to be a part of the change for my community and increase the importance of mental health for all, especially those of minority groups and the BIPOC community.

Happy Couple

Clients I look forward to working with?​

I enjoy working with young adults because of their insight and openness to learning more skills in therapy. I value working with younger couples or newly married couples just starting to navigate their new relationships. I enjoy working with the LGBTQIA+ community, as well as working with individuals in the BIPOC community. Having been an athlete myself, I also greatly enjoy working with athletes of all backgrounds. 

I have a strength in working with younger adults that are in transitions. I also like working with challenges of self-identity, navigating a crisis, and addressing relationship issues.  

What does starting therapy look like?

If you are interested in working with me, please call us at 949-329-5233 or fill in the contact form below and a representative from our office will get back to you to see if I would be a good fit for your needs. 

If it is deemed we are a good fit, you will receive your intake documents through your email to be completed electronically in the client portal of our electronic health record. There will be about 6-8 pages to sign in order to begin services, including informed consent forms, intake questionnaires, demographic questionnaires, and credit card form, etc. The exact forms will depend on the treatment service and the need for counseling. 

What can I expect in a first session? 

During the first session, I will cover the practice policies and go over your intake questionnaires to ensure we have a good grasp for establishing treatment goals. The first session will be used to gather more information about yourself (or your relationship with your partner), your relationship with the problem at hand, and establishing clearly defined goals for treatment, as well as establish therapeutic rapport to ensure a comfortable space for your continued growth in treatment. 



  • Associate Marriage and Family Therapist registered with the Board of Behavioral Sciences in the State of California

  • M.S. in Professional Counseling, Grand Canyon University in Arizona

  • Provide services in English and American Sign Language (ASL)

  • LGBTQIA+ & Transgender Affirmative Care trained 

  • Specialized focused with athletes and those transitioning out of a professional athletic life 

  • Specialized focus with the black-identifying community

Theories I use to help you reach your goals...

Under the supervision of Dr. Gonzalez, I utilizes an integrated approach to support you by combining person centered, positive psychology, cultural inclusivity, restorative justice, and a humanistic approach. I am most passionate of discovering purpose and healing for all my clients. I look forward to helping you start your journey toward healing and stability. 

Wondering whether you should start now or later? 

The decision to start therapy should come from you and no one else. Maybe you have considered it in the past, but put it off. You were not ready then, but you are ready now. Take action and help yourself now. Dedicate yourself to your growth. 

Fees for Services

$80-175 - Individual Counseling

$115-215 - Couple Counseling 


I accept CIGNA and Aetna insurance. I offer a few limited sliding scale. 

Jumping Under Arch


Call us at 949.329.5233 or book a consultation now! 


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