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Don’t have time for therapy? 

Can’t make it to someone's office and back and still have time to handle all your other life demands?

You have thought before that you wanted to start therapy, but felt so many barriers to being able to get into an office for an appointment? 

Struggled to feel comfortable in a therapist's office before? Feeling like you can't really be vulnerable in a foreign space. 

Telehealth therapy may be the answer to your problem. 

Online counseling services can be an ideal form of service delivery for many clients in lieu of traditional in-person sessions. 

Research supports telehealth. 

Much research has been done, especially over the last two years of COVID, to determine if telehealth services were as effective as in-person. The research concluded that- YES - it is just as effective!

In fact, it helps people who might not have been able to access support before now have that ability to seek services for the first time in their lives. 

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At Grounded Connections Counseling Inc., we offer telehealth services through a HIPAA compliant platform called Simple Practice to ensure client confidentiality.

Telehealth offers the following advantages:

  • Fewer obstacles to attending sessions: no traffic or parking issues

  • Convenience: have sessions from your phone or laptop from the luxury of your own home

  • Ease of Access: made for people with busy schedules. If you have a high stress, demanding job, this is IDEAL for your schedule.

  • Calming: being in your own comfortable, safe place while processing emotions can allow for deeper growth.

It's time for you to take action! 

Now that this new form of service delivery exists, why not take advantage and help support your health and healing!

There are no more excuses of “no time”.

With telehealth services available, you can fit therapy into your lunch hour or in the evening before dinner, since driving time will be eliminated! 

If you believe this is the right form of service delivery for you, reach out today for a free 15 minute consultation.

We will get you set up with a therapist who will meet with you through our telehealth platform to help start your therapeutic journey today. 

Click below to set up a consultation or call us now at 949.329.5233.


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