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Image by Joice Kelly


Tension. Stress. Constant worry. 

There’s just something that feels don’t why you constantly feel this worry.

These thoughts that just doesn’t seem to leave you alone, it feels like you’re fighting against a rushing tide, always coming back with more worries. 

No matter what techniques you try, whether you try to face it or suppress, it just doesn’t seem to leave you alone.

It feels like it just looms over you from morning and night and now it feels like it’s come to breaking point.

These thoughts may seem familiar...
“Why am I scared of every situation”?

“Why can’t I just be “normal” like everyone else”

“Is this anxiety ever going to leave me alone?”

Feeling like this every day, makes it feel like anxiety is taking over your life. Like you’re simply exhausted from being in this state of worry, and you do not feel like you can live like this any longer. 

You know you want to get better, but are not sure how.

What's at stake is important, a life free of anxiety and tension, or succumbing to the same patterns that prevent you from enjoying life.  

But, the truth is that if you take the right action, then you can find the path to healing that lets you enjoy life each day. Significant change is truly possible, when you have the right support.

Image by Michael Rosner-Hyman


Anxiety comes about when we get stuck living in the past or the future.

We’re constantly stressing about what might happen, or what we did in the past, and because of that we’re unable to enjoy the present moment.

When we live in this heightened sense of fear, our body enters a state of survival, of flight or flight. And once this is turned on, it can be difficult to turn back off, making us live in this constant state of tension.

Image by Lina Trochez


Therapy helps get to the root cause of your anxiety by figuring out why you’re constantly in a state of worry or stuck in the past. 

Whether it's the stress of your job, worry about a relationship, or any of the numerous causes, we help get to what's underneath the anxiety.

By getting to the bottom of it, we can help let go of the real reason for the stress.

Once the underlying stress is let go, our bodies can return back to a state of calm. What before was a tidal wave, rushing at us, now softens and becomes a wave of lightness and we are able to return to a state of peace and calm. 

Now you can enjoy each day without the looming stress or fear. You can actually wake up optimistic looking forward to each day while being able to to enjoy each moment for what it is, and the change is incredible. 

But we also go one step further and give you the tools so that you consistently return back to a state of calm, and don’t have to worry about “reentering the anxiety”. With that you can live life confidently.

It’s time for change now.

If you’re ready to experience that change, if you’re ready to live a life without constantly fearing when the anxiety might come, then we are ready to help you on your path. 

We know it can feel difficult to reach out, but it can be the first step on the path to your healing. 

We look forward to helping you make change happen.  

Click below to schedule a consultation or call us now at 949.329.5233.


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