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Oftentimes we are not taught the skills to help manage, process, and express stress or emotions in healthy and effective ways and anxiety develops. 

Through your work with our therapists, you will learn actionable steps to help you learn to identify, manage, and process your emotions and anxiety openly and in a healthy manner. 

Supporting you because you deserve it.

We want to help you deal with your anxiety instead of hiding it away and trying to forget it. Our therapists will work to understand what obstacles you are going through and can help you overcome them.

We will help you gain insight into your reactions and provide you with valuable tools to cope with life’s obstacles. 

But, it can be hard to do it alone. 

Overcoming these obstacles on your own can be challenging by yourself that is why our therapists are here to help. 

Many clients have sought ways to cope with a toxic relationship with physical and emotional aggression or to work through processing childhood experiences of deep pain. 

We can help you move forward towards a path of healing.

We work with helping you become a better you so you can become your true authentic self. Through self work, you can overcome deep pain, childhood experiences, or process past toxic relationships with physical and emotional aggression. 

You will learn new ways of living. 

Through the teaching of new healthy coping skills, you will learn new ways of addressing old problems. The new ways of coping will assist in altering your mental and physical health.

You will develop a new way of thinking about life with a more hopeful perspective of the future. 

Therapy can help you set clear goals for yourself to help you achieve a new level of functioning. Additionally, it can be a refuge for you to help process your past traumas and current emotions. 

Common areas we work with, include: 

- minority stress 

- social justice 

- trauma

- anxiety

- self esteem

- boundaries

- queer community 

- gender diverse community 

Reaching out can be hard. 

We know that in this moment things can feel hard, but we can help guide you in tackling your troubles. 

We can help you attain feelings of calm and your abilities to help yourself. Through a more grounded presence, you will feel connected and active in your life.

Feeling once more in control of your world.  

So if you’re tired of trying to figure things out on your own, and if you're ready to have a guide to help you start feeling better, then we are here to help.

Reach out below and let’s get started or call us now at 949.329.5233.


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