Individual Therapy

Here For You

In sessions we will work to address current struggles and find a little more balance in your life. We will help you gain insight into your reactions and provide you with valuable tools to cope with life’s obstacles. Need a little direction in your life? We can work together to explore what you want most in life and develop small, achievable goals to help you reach your life's dream. We utilize an integrative theoretical approach, specialized to each person. Get in touch to book an appointment.

​Common areas or individuals we assist include:

- queer community 

- gender diverse community 

- minority stress 

- social justice 

- trauma

- anxiety

- depression

- communication issues

- behavioral issues

- family conflict

- self esteem

- relationship issues

- boundaries 


Couples Therapy

Here For Your Relationship

There are many reasons couples may fall away from each other. If you are seeking a place to work through those struggles to reconnect with your partner, then you should consider couples therapy. We guide couples every step of the way and implement various techniques and methods to help teach them how to improve their relationship. You and your partner will learn the skills to keep your relationship thriving long after sessions are over. Schedule an appointment today and let us begin the work to a healthier connection.

Common areas or couples we assist include:

-  LGBTQIA+ populations

- impacts of trauma

- communication issues

- infidelity 

- family conflict

- intimacy/sexual issues


Family Therapy

Here For Your Family

Feeling disconnected from your child? Is everyone in the house always arguing? It might be time to seek help from a professional. Family therapy sessions help clients develop and advance their communication skills to allow everyone in the family a clear and equal voice to promote closer family connections.  Contact us today and let us help your family find a new connection.

Common areas or families we assist include:

- blended families 

- multicultural families

- communication issues

- caregiver stress

- parenting support 

- LGBT+ family issues

Family at a Beach