Individual Therapy

Here For You

In sessions we will work to address current struggles and find a little more balance in your life.

Managing Emotions

Often times we are not taught the skills to help mange, process, and express your emotions in healthy and effective ways. Through your work with our therapists, you will learn actionable steps to help you learn to identify, manage, and process your emotions openly and in a healthy manner. Additionally, you can learn new ways to communicate and express your emotions to help foster your loving relationships. We will help you gain insight into your reactions and provide you with valuable tools to cope with life’s obstacles. Need a little direction in your life? We can work together to explore what you want most in life and develop small, achievable goals to help you reach your life's dream. We utilize an integrative theoretical approach, specialized to you. 

Transitions with an Affirmative Approach

Specialized training in working with the transgender and gender diverse community, has helped prepare us to provide ethical, quality care to gender non-conforming and transgender identified individuals. This training involved helping clients towards hormone readiness and completing insurance referral letters for gender affirmation surgery. Grounded Connections Counseling, Inc., helps assist clients as they explore their gender or sexual identities with non-binary labels. Our goal is to help people of various gender diverse or queer backgrounds with an inclusive and affirmative approach.

Coping with Trauma ​

You can rest assured that you will be working with a trauma-informed therapist. At Grounded Connections Counseling, Inc., we utilize a Trauma Focused-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach, which is backed by research to offer you the best results in your growth and healing. Many clients have sought ways to cope with a toxic relationship with physical and emotional aggression or to work through processing childhood experiences of deep pain. We can help you move forward towards a path of healing. 

​Common areas or individuals we assist include:

- queer community 

- gender diverse community 

- minority stress 

- social justice 

- trauma

- anxiety

- depression

- communication issues

- behavioral issues

- family conflict

- self esteem

- relationship issues

- boundaries 

Reach out today to start your journey. 

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Couples Therapy

Here For Your Relationship

There are many reasons couples may fall away from each other. If you are seeking a place to work through those struggles to reconnect with your partner, then you should consider couples therapy. We guide couples every step of the way and implement various techniques and methods to help teach them how to improve their relationship. We assist multicultural couples with issues around intimacy, infidelity, and communication. We integrate a Gottman Method Couples Therapy, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, and Attachment Theory approach to offer the best insight and tools for couples to get more immediate relief and change. Through our work together, we can help you cultivate the relationship you desire between you and your partner. You and your partner will learn the skills to keep your relationship thriving long after sessions are over. 

Common areas or couples we assist include:

- sexual intimacy 

- emotional intimacy 

- queer community 

- non-traditional relationships

- impacts of trauma

- communication issues

- infidelity 

- conflict resolution 

Schedule an appointment today and let us begin the work to a healthier connection.

Family at a Beach

Family Therapy

Here For Your Family

Feeling disconnected from your child? Is everyone in the house always arguing? It might be time to seek help from a professional. Family therapy sessions help clients develop and advance their communication skills to allow everyone in the family a clear and equal voice to promote closer family connections. Through the use of a Family Systems Theory, decreasing blame and increase cooperation are mastered in the family dynamic. Our therapists will help you achieve the family relationships you have longed for with your loved ones.   

Common areas or families we assist include:

- blended families 

- multicultural families

- communication issues

- caregiver stress

- parenting support 

- queer family issues

- gender diverse family issues 

- family of choice 

 Contact us today and let us help your family find a new connection.

Spending the Day Outside

Life Coaching

Support You Can Grow From

Life Coaching is a short term, solution focused approach life's transitional problems that many of us go through in our journey. Life Coaching provides more directive guidance to help improve specific areas of your life, giving you clear takeaways to implement in your day to day functioning to help you address the area of your life you want to change. 

Sessions start off at 50 minutes weekly and decrease to 25 minute check-ins as you move through growing and implementing the learned techniques to help you achieve your goals. 

Life Coaching is best for support through the following issues: 

- recovering from a break up 

- career transition exploration 

- adjusting to post-education/new  career 

- creating self care balance and habits 

- spiritual exploration 

- gain clarity around your purpose or passion in life 

- help in creating or fostering structure

- deepening your accountability  

Unfortunately, insurance providers do not cover Life Coaching sessions. Rates: 

50 Minute Session: $150

25 Minute Session: $75 

Reach out today for more information on how we can help you with your current life transition.