It takes resilience to get through life. Resilience can look all kinds of ways. Reaching out for support when you know you need help is one way you show your resiliency. 

I would be honored to be a part of your resilient story of growth and healing. 

You may be coming to me feeling lost and like your world is a bit chaotic. Many feel disconnected from their world. I aim to provide structure for my clients.

In my work to slow things down for you. I break things down into smaller, more digestible pieces of information to help you begin to increase your self awareness. 

We examine things together, to help increase awareness and begin identifying spots to implement change interventions. 

Collaboratively, we work to target your goals and increase your skills for helping yourself take charge of your life. 


How I got started in therapy…

As a child from a divorced home, I realized the impacts relationships could have on everyone in their system from an early age. My curiosity at seeing new systems form when relationships changed only increased as I aged.

I decided to spend my life studying relationships and the ways they functioned. I have been ever intrigued by the reasons behind why people do the things they do and the underlying emotions and thoughts that shape our behaviors. 

My work continues with you and all my past clients, who are always teaching me as much as I am teaching them. I will forever be a student to life. But, I am happy to share what I have learned from my years of experience and education to those who will likely only teach me more in my professional journey. 

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Clients I look forward to working with? 

I enjoy working with motivated clients who are ready to start work immediately! I enjoy working with BIPOC identified individuals and couples and navigating social justice issues and offering support in processing racial trauma. I find working with medical, emotional, and physical trauma processing one of my strengths. I also greatly enjoying working with the queer and gender diverse community as well as non-traditional relationship dynamics. I love helping clients explore their spirituality and discover their spiritual paths and life meanings. 

How do I help you reach your goals? 

As an integrative therapist, I incorporate three main theories in my approach to clients. I utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Attachment Theory, and Mindfulness. With couples, I integrate Attachment Theory and Gottman Couples Therapy.  But, as I cater to each and every client specifically, I may incorporate other modalities (such as art therapy) as deemed appropriate to help ensure I am meeting your specific needs.

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What does starting therapy look like?

If you are interested in working with me, please call us at 949-329-5233 or fill in the contact form below and a representative from our office will get back to you to see if I would be a good fit for your needs. 

If it is deemed we are a good fit, you will receive your intake documents through your email to be completed electronically in the client portal of our electronic health record. There will be about 6-8 pages to sign in order to begin services, including informed consent forms, intake questionnaires, demographic questionnaire, and credit card form, etc. The exact forms will depend on the treatment service and need for counseling. 

What can I expect in a first session? 

During the first session, I will cover the practice policies and go over your intake questionnaires to ensure we have a good grasp for establishing treatment goals. The first session will be used to gather more information about yourself (or your relationship with your partner), your relationship with the problem at hand, and establishing clearly defined goals for treatment, as well as establishing therapeutic rapport to ensure a comfortable space for your continued growth in treatment. 

My style is to be direct and through the process of questioning and conversation we are able to get to deeper levels of understanding and insight. The work you put into therapy is an invaluable investment in yourself and your future. I am here to help you get the most out of your investment. 



  • Life Coach and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist registered with the Board of Behavioral Sciences in the State of California. 

  • Founder of Grounded Connections Counseling, Inc. 

  • Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, Syracuse University

  • Doctorate of Psychology (PsyD) in Marriage and Family Therapy, Alliant International University

  • Certificate of Advanced Study in Trauma, Syracuse University

  • Specialized training with the Transgender/GNC community, Syracuse University 

  • Gottman Method Couples Therapy (Level 1 & 2 trained), Gottman Institute 

  • Certificate in Horticultural Therapy, Institute for Horticultural Therapy 

  • Member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT)

  • Member of California Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (CAMFT)

  • AAMFT Approved Supervisor, Supervising Associate Marriage and Family Therapists (AMFT)s 

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I know it can feel like you’re in a tough spot right now, I've been there as well. But if you’ve read over this, if you’ve resonated with what’s here, then I’d highly recommend you reach out for therapy. 

Even if not me then with another therapist.

Getting your mind back to the right state can be the most important thing you do in your life. You can tap into your inner resiliency by reaching out for help. 

And I’d be happy to help guide you through it.

Click below to take the first step towards your growth and healing. I look forward to our work together. 

Fees for Services

$190 - Individual Counseling 

$225 - Couple Counseling 

I do not take any insurance referrals and do not offer sliding scale. If sliding scale is needed, please refer to the other wonderful associate therapists at our practice. 

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